The easiest way to manage finances
for small businesses and entrepreneurs

Detailed, operational and actually applied analytics of your business. Easy and gamified filling process, any manager can handle it. Informative graphics and clear analytics.

The service was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
It is clear and convenient
Both for the whole business and for individual branches (store, coffee shop or studio). Easy to track your real financial flows and analyze income and expenses. The easier way to understand how much you've earned.
Calculation of profits,
margins and expenses
To identify the most profitable or unprofitable. If you have several selling points, analyze how much each branch earns or spends, by not just tracking total profits.
Branch analysis
For different branches among themselves or incomes and expenses for the whole company with these figures for the past period. Track business dynamics, set more specific plans for employees.
Comparison of indicators
More features
Income, expense, transfer between accounts. Search filtering is possible by amount, date added or date modified. You will not lose transaction data even if you accidentally delete it.
Search for any transaction entered into the system
With interactive charts and the ability to use a payment calendar for detailed financial planning.
Preventing cash flow gaps
We have implemented a multi-access system so each employee has his own range of capabilities.
Working with team or by yourself
For whom we made it
Full analytics of the company's money will be available at any time - from a computer or mobile phone. All indicators important for business are collected in one personal account, there is no need to track finances in different sources.
All company transactions in one place. Vividly. Always at your fingertips
When adding financial transactions, the program builds a schedule, on which you can notice a possible cash gap in advance and avoid it.

Make a clear plan for the next quarter or year.
FinTrack will provide you with key metrics to make long-term management decisions: balance sheet, cash flow statement, and income and expense statement.
Plan your income and expenses. FinTrack will suggest you what to pay attention to
Keeping track of your finances by category allows you to understand which items are taking up the most money and which are making the most money. Concentrate on what's important.
Allocate income and expenses into groups and categories that suit your business
Determine the most profitable direction to invest, track 2.000$ missing from your account last month, or find out which client brought in the most money during the previous quarter - all these options are available with FinTrack.
Take into account all the financial transactions. Make plans based on real numbers
You can be the owner of a small retail outlet, an online store, or a chain of entertainment venues. You can run your own business, work with contractors, or have a team. You may be a new entrepreneur or a businessman with experience. Either way, our service will make your professional life easier.

We have developed multi-access - each employee can be assigned a different set of rights. An administrator can add financial transactions, an editor can make changes or delete transactions, and the accountant and owner will have access to all the functions of the service.
Work with team or by yourself
FinTrack securely protects your data
Only the user of the service sees the real numbers and data. Developers or attackers intercepting traffic will see only encrypted data. We use a secure SHA-2 hashing algorithm and 2048-bit encryption.
FinTrack plans
adding one main branch
monthly income up to 30.000$
opening up to 10 accounts
200$ / per quarter
all service features
unlimited number of projects and accounts
assistance in integrating FinTrack into your business
800$ / per quarter
How to add a legal entity, counterparty and open an account? 

To add a new legal entity, counterparty or open an account in the program, you need to go to the "Settings" section located on the left side of the menu. There you can also add categories of income and expenses, as well as divide them into groups convenient for you.

Как настроить интеграцию
с банками?
How do I enter transactions?

To add a transaction manually just go to the "Transactions" section, which is also located on the left side of the menu. You can:

  • enter a single transaction or multiple transactions at once;
  • specify the exact amount and the account to or from which the money was credited or debited;
  • assign the operation to the desired category;
  • specify the counterparty;
  • select one or more projects associated with the transaction;
  • specify the date of receipt or write-off of the payment;
  • and also, if necessary, leave a comment for yourself or colleagues.
How do I set up multi-access?
In the "Settings" section of the personal cabinet you can set different access levels for different employees. Enter the email, from which your employee will log in to their personal cabinet, according to the level of rights granted to the administrator, editor or accountant.
How do I edit, copy and delete operations?

To make changes to an operation already entered into the system, you need to go to the "Transactions" section, find the operation you need and click on the button with three dots on the right. You can edit an existing operation, copy an operation without making changes, or copy an operation and then edit it.

Deleting an operation is possible only by the employee who has the rights to perform the operation. If the administrator made a mistake when entering, he can make a request to the editor to delete the operation.

The owner of the company will have access to the "Basket" function, where all remote operations will be located.

Как работать с платежным календарём?
The first 30 days of using the service will be free for you - you can get acquainted with all our features, evaluate analytics for the month and choose a convenient tariff plan for your company.
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